Robert C. Morris

Research Triangle Region - Carrboro, NC
(415) 867-7258 -


I am a veteran software developer with deep experience in both web-based and desktop application development, with a proven ability to architect, build and deploy complex, feature-rich applications. I have been designing and developing clean, object-oriented software for over 15 years. I'd love to bring that experience to your next project.

Skills and Tools

I have a broad background in dozens of technologies, and am expert at learning new ones quickly. Below is a partial list of my skills.

  • Ruby/Rails - 5 years
  • PHP - 3 years
  • Javascript/jQuery/AJAX - 6 years
  • HTML/CSS - 13 years
  • SQL - 6 years
  • Java/JSP - 3 years
  • C++ - 9 years
  • Android - 1 year
  • Apache - 5 years
  • Exim - 2 years
  • Illustrator - 3 years
  • Linux - 8 years
  • MySQL - 3 years
  • Photoshop - 11 years
  • Postgres - 4 years
  • Subversion - 8 years
  • Windows - 15 years

Professional Experience

Irongaze Consulting, LLC
July 2007 - Present
Sole proprietor of Irongaze Consulting, a full-service web development consultancy located in Carrboro, North Carolina. While at Irongaze, designed, developed and hosted dozens of websites using a Ruby on Rails content framework that was designed and built over the past 4 years.

Website Development:
  • Created the Irongaze Framework, a full-featured website development system built from scratch using Ruby on Rails and jQuery. The framework provides a plugin-based website management system including a powerful and extensible content management system (CMS), calenders, blogs, wikis, email/mailing lists, user access control, and many other advanced features, all editable by the client.
  • As part of developing the framework, built a complete form generation and validation engine featuring complex javascript-based controls and client-side validation.
  • Extended framework-based sites with custom modules allowing per-client functionality such as custom photo galleries, interactive client maps, etc., all tightly integrated with the framework admin tools.
  • Project Lead for the site on long-running contract with Avenue 100 Media, a Washington Post company. Leading a team of 4, was responsible for overall site architecture, product design, feature specification and implementation for this high-visibility national education portal.
  • Provided extensive PHP/MySQL/Javascript consulting on a long-running consulting engagement with, a national apartment advertising network serving millions of users. Acting as primary system architect, redesigned primary customer interfaces to make use of AJAX and advanced Javascript techniques to improve usability. Refactored legacy codebase to improve functionality, reduce management overhead, and speed up site responsiveness. Built custom XML-based import/export system for integration with 3rd party partner feeds. Provided extensive high-level consulting on subjects including advertising strategy, SEO, hiring of qualified staff, and business model optimization.

Website Design:
  • Designed multiple full-site web designs from concept through to CSS/HTML/JS layouts using Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Created custom logo designs using Adobe Illustrator
  • Worked with customers to lay out their content and user experience and to tune their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies

Server Administration:
  • Installed, configured and updated full Linux server system
  • Administered full Apache/Passenger/PHP webserver system for dozens of virtual domains
  • Set up and extensively customized Exim/Dovecot-based email hosting for dozens of virtual domains, fully integrated with Irongaze Framework web admin tools
  • Administered Postgres and MySQL database installations supporting dozens of sites
  • Created automated on and off-site backup strategy for code, data, email and configuration information

For more information on specific customers and sites created, please visit my portfolio. To learn more about my Ruby on Rails framework, please visit my framework page.

Client Applications Architect
Monster Worldwide, Inc.
June 2003 - April 2007
Single-handedly developed an innovative application platform for client-side social software as leader of Monster's client-side initiatives. Was responsible for application development from concept to code. Worked with internal and external customers to gather requirements, specify features and roadmap, and lead the development, testing, and deployment of the finished product.

The platform was developed in C++ for Windows, and provided an upgradeable hub-and-spoke system allowing rapid development of new applications using the same core system. The core provided networking, UI support, preferences, data serialization, and other common features, while each application provided the business logic and external integration required by the app.

Applications developed on this platform included:

  • Monster Companion - A push-technology communication applet targeted at hiring managers
  • Ringo Uploader - A richly featured upload assistant for photo sharing on the Ringo network
  • Ringo Sideshow - A desktop photo frame displaying photos from your Ringo social network
  • Toolbar - An IE browser bar with push-technology dynamic content
  • Tickle Address Importer - An Outlook-based contact import tool for social network management
  • Tickle Toolbar - An IE browser bar displaying advertisements and social network events

These applications were installed on over 1.5 million desktops, generating an annual income of over $500k in attributed sales.

V.P. of Engineering
Eyetide Media, Inc.
April 2000 - June 2003
As senior engineer on staff, was responsible for technical vision of the company from the broad system architecture down to the database schema and communications protocol levels. Managing a team of three people, launched, maintained and extended the Eyetide Network to support Nascar, Major League Baseball, The Washington Post, HBO, etc. with over 4.5 million downloads. As product development lead, was intimately involved with all aspects of developing the client apps, public & internal websites, e-commerce engine, support and content tools. Client apps developed using C++, while all server coding was done using Java/JSPs.

Spellblade Studios, Inc.
January 1999 - April 2000
Founded a continuously profitable business that focused on game development for the PC platform. Created a fully-playable 3D game demo based on intellectual property from Wizards of the Coast, a leading entertainment company. Developed overall C++ game framework, internal APIs, XLab Character Studio, game user-interface, corporate website, 2D/3D artwork and sound effects.

Software Engineer
Scitor Corporation
January 1997 - January 1999
Developed business analysis software for the Project Scheduler 7 and Process 98 products, in addition to creating and maintaining corporate website. Responsibilities included Windows C++ development work in algorithm design, reusable class design, graphics and UI coding, and the creation of multiple support applets for both products. Developed external APIs which enabled the development of the Project Communicator line of products. Full product life-cycle experience.


B. S. In Computer Science
Stanford University, CA
Coursework included object-oriented design, AI theory, algorithm design, and user-interaction studies. Performed graduate-level research in the field of real-world artificial intelligence and robotics.