Modular Site Design

Modules are the core of our managed website service. Each module provides a tightly knit set of features that can be added to a new website in minutes.

Every module ties into our administration back end, letting you edit and control its functionality. This is the core value of our managed websites - letting you edit your own website.

Another value of this modular design philosophy is financial, giving you custom-built functionality for commodity prices. Each module we sell represents hundreds of hours of development effort, but you pay only a fraction of that cost.

The final value is subtle but very important. When other development houses build a site, their financial goal is to do the minimal amount of work necessary to fulfill their contract. With an Irongaze framework site, this is not the case. Because we re-use and re-sell our modules again and again, we have every incentive to make them perfect.

Sample Modules

The following are a selection of our currently available modules, available for inclusion in any managed website we build.

Publishing dashboard


A full-featured content management system (CMS) which utilizes our simple formatting and editing tools to let you create rich content without knowing HTML. You can embed live data, such as a list of upcoming events from a calendar, that are dynamically updated as the calendar changes.


Email account management


We host all our websites on a server custom-built for the purpose. Adding the email manager to your site will allow you to create and manage accounts and forwarding for your domain, while providing advanced features such as mailing lists, black/whitelisting and out of office notices, all integrated into your site's administration console.



Full-featured calendaring system


Set up one or more calendars for your organization. Events are searchable with our search module, and can be embedded into your site's pages using our publishing module.


  • Event reminders by email
  • Repeating events
  • Calendar and List view
  • Custom event types
  • hCalendar support


Use blogs to communicate


Have something to say? Add our blogging module to let your story be heard. All content is written using the same powerful tools provided by our CMS, including our powerful image import and editing system.


  • Full content editing tool set
  • Integrated comment management
  • Spam prevention via captcha
  • Integrated RSS feed


Example wiki page


Many organizations need a shared space for documenting processes, guidelines, and projects. We have built a clean and simple wiki system that allows users (or the public) to add, edit and publish pages using a simple text formatting system. Users can subscribe to an RSS feed to keep up with changes.


  • Simple editing system
  • Automatic versioning
  • Integrated RSS feed
  • Change tracking
  • Photo/file attachment


Track your contacts online


Manage a list of contacts, organize them by group, and search them quickly and easily. Ideal for a company directory or for tracking clients and prospects.


  • Quick address lookup
  • vCard export


Multiple virtual drives


Share files, photos and web links in multiple virtual drives. User access can be granted to each drive separately. Publish meeting minutes, store planning documents, or share photos - all easily accessible on the web.



Edit users to control their access

Access Control

Define users and roles for your site. Allows fine-grained control for internal and external access to pages, calendars, files and other content.


  • Central control of all user access
  • Fully integrated with other modules and custom code