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Sustainable Industrial Solutions
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Sustainable Industrial Solutions 

Sustainable Industrial Solutions ("SIS") provides holistic sustainability consulting and solution design to manufacturing companies across North Carolina. As a start-up in Durham's Tobacco Campus, they join a robust group of new companies turning the Triangle into one of the country's leading tech centers.

SIS is a fast-moving, tech-savvy start-up with diverse technical needs. Since in 2011, Irongaze has provided ongoing development, design and strategic support as they have grown and evolved their business.

We started with their public site. We incorporated and enhanced initial designs provided by SIS, eventually taking ownership of all site design work. The result is a super-clean, modern design supporting pages like the homepage and case study pages, showcases for the power and flexibility of our CMS.

Our real work for SIS however has been in building their internal tools. SIS is in the business of auditing manufacturing facilities. These audits consist of hundreds of questions with complex interactions. To solve this need, we worked to design and build a flexible data capture system that lets SIS employees or customers enter and update facility information.

Once that information is captured, SIS provides lighting upgrades, monitors electrical usage, and provides ongoing reports to their customers on financial goal tracking. For this phase of the customer experience, Irongaze wireframed and built an easy to use and visually striking customer portal.

The final piece of our engagement to date has been in working with SIS and their technical vendors to automate capture, analysis and reporting on their external data feeds. We've worked to integrate site monitoring hardware, automated temperature data, and manually entered data into a seamless back-end to support the portal's monitoring and reporting.

No matter what your business' complexity, Irongaze can help take your needs and turn them into robust, competitive products.

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Services Provided

  • Technology Strategy
  • Custom Development
  • Irongaze Framework
  • Site Design
  • Site Hosting


Homepage with a Sleek Design
CMS Based Case Study
Real-time Data Monitoring